Tongkat ali also for women

Tongkat ali is famous as sexual enhancement for men. It improves male sexual parameters because it increases the body's own synthesis of testosterone.

But testosterone not only modulates sexual parameters in men. It does the same in women. Women with an endocrine system that keeps active testosterone in comparatively high ranges typically feel more sexual excitement and pleasure, and have more pronounced sexual desires.

Women with higher testosterone levels don't only get more out of sex. They get more out of life overall.

In general, women more often than man lack a philosophical sense of certainty why it is worthwhile to be alive. Men more often feel this certainty during sexual intercourse. From the fact that sex feels just sooo good, men more commonly than women derive the energy to actively work on their lives and to manage their existence.

The traditional recipe for women to give their lives meaning by taking care of children is no substitute for ultimate sexual pleasure. And in that tongkat ali can elevate the active testosterone levels of women, it has the power to afford women a whole new perspective of life: one of ultimate orgasmic enjoyment they have never known before. This, in turn, gives women a whole new idea of life, and a much stronger personality.

Elevating testosterone in women is philosophically all the more relevant as nowadays many women have started their sexual lives too late, and have been sexually initiated in a miserable way.

Christian missionaries and feminists have successfully propagated ever higher ages for the commencement of the female sexual life, and in discrediting initiation by sexually more literate men on the basis of a wider age gap, have effectively made an ever larger number of women sexually dysfunctional. Furthermore, preserved Western public morals that put a label of shame on older women who pursue a relationship with one or more males of considerably younger age contribute to the manifestation of a status quo in which women just do not achieve proper fulfillment in life and stay below their potential, both emotionally and intellectually.

Can tongkat ali change this all? Probably not. But by first elevating the testosterone levels of women, and thus affording women a level of sexual enjoyment they have been deprived of via missionary and feminist programming and thought control, tongkat ali indeed may kickstart some direly needed enlightenment.



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