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Flaying (Skinning) is a method of torture or execution. It is an ancient

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Tampa, Florida: Awake during surgery: 'I'm in hell'

By Elizabeth Landau, CNN
May 17, 2010 -- Updated 1222 GMT (2022 HKT)

(CNN) -- When Carol Weiher was having her right eye surgically removed in 1998, she woke up hearing disco music. The next thing she heard was "Cut deeper, pull harder."

She desperately wanted to scream or even move a finger to signal to doctors that she was awake, but the muscle relaxant she'd received prevented her from controlling her movements.

"I was doing a combination of praying and pleading and cursing and screaming, and trying anything I could do but I knew that there was nothing that was working," said Weiher, of Reston, Virginia. Weiher is one of few people who have experienced anesthesia awareness. Although normally a patient does not remember anything about surgery that involves general anesthesia, about one or two people in every 1,000 may wake up during general anesthesia, according to the Mayo Clinic. Most of these cases involve the person being aware of the surrounding environment, but some experience severe pain and go on to have psychological problems.

The surgical tools didn't cause Weiher pain -- only pressure -- but the injections of a paralytic drug during the operation "felt like ignited fuel," she said. "I thought, well, maybe I've been wrong about my life, and I'm in hell," she said. The entire surgery lasted five-and-a-half hours. Sometime during it she either passed out or fell unconscious under the anesthetic. When she awoke, she began to scream.

"All I could say to anyone was, 'I was awake! I was awake!' " she said.

The use of general anesthesia is normally safe and produces a state of sedation that doesn't break in the middle of a procedure, doctors say. The patient and anesthesiologist collect as much medical history as possible beforehand, including alcohol and drug habits, to help determine the most appropriate anesthetic.

You may think of it as "going to sleep," but in terms of what your body is doing, general anesthesia has very little in common with taking a nap.

During sleep, the brain is in its most active state; anesthesia, on the other hand, depresses central nervous system activity. On the operating table, your brain is less active and consumes less oxygen -- a state of unconsciousness nothing like normal sleep.

Doctors do not know exactly how general anesthesia produces this effect. It is clear that anesthetic drugs interfere with the transmission of chemicals in the brain across the membranes, or walls, of cells. But the mechanism is the subject of ongoing research, Dr. Alexander Hannenberg, anesthesiologist in Newton, Massachusetts, and president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

Patients who remember falling unconscious under the anesthesia generally have a pleasant experience of it, Hannenberg said, and the period of "waking up" is also a relaxed state, Hannenberg said. Anesthesia awareness may relate to human error or equipment failure in delivering the anesthetic, Hannenberg said.

There are patients for whom doctors err on the side of a lower dose because of the nature of their condition, Hannenberg said. Someone who is severely injured and has lost a lot of blood, a patient with compromised cardiac function, or a woman who needs an emergency Caesarean section would all be at risk for serious side effects of high doses of anesthetic.

Heart or lung problems, daily alcohol consumption, and long-term use of opiates and other drugs may put patients at higher risk for anesthesia awareness, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Weiher started a campaign called the Anesthesia Awareness Campaign that seeks to educate people about the perils of waking up during surgery. She has spoken with about 4,000 people worldwide who have also had anesthesia awareness experiences.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists is engaged in an Anesthesia Awareness Registry, a research project through the University of Washington to examine cases of the phenomenon. One of the goals of the Anesthesia Awareness Campaign is to make brain activity monitoring a standard of care.

There has been controversy about the use of brain function monitors in general anesthesia. Advocates such as Dr. Barry Friedberg, anesthesiologist and founder of the nonprofit Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation, say brain monitoring is essential for ensuring the patient achieves the appropriate sedation so as to not wake up.

The monitors use a scale of 0 to 100 to reflect what's going on in the brain: 0 is a total absence of brain activity, 98 to 100 is wide awake, and 45 to 60 is about where general anesthesia puts the patient, Friedberg said.

But a 2008 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found no benefit in using brain function monitoring to prevent anesthesia awareness. The American Society of Anesthesiology has said the monitoring is not routinely indicated for general anesthesia, but may have some value and be appropriate for specific patients. The downsides are that they are expensive, and should not be used in place of heart rate and breathing signals when regulating the anesthesia.

Research does not consistently demonstrate a benefit from using brain function monitors, and the decision to use them should be made on an individual basis, Hannenberg said.

The anesthesiologist carefully monitors the patient's breathing and blood pressure, which can rise and fall, while the person is under the anesthetic, Hannenberg said. The treatment is tailored to the patient -- a young, healthy athlete will tolerate fluctuations in blood pressure better than someone with a serious condition, Hannenberg said.

As with surgical procedures themselves, anesthesia can result in stroke, heart attack and death. Such complications are more likely in people who have serious medical problems, and elderly people. Over the last two decades, anesthesiologists have made significant strides in reducing those risks, Hannenberg said.

A 6-year-old boy in Richmond, Virginia, recently died after going into cardiac arrest during a routine dental procedure that involved general anesthesia, CNN affiliate WTVR reported. Weiher had to have subsequent surgeries, including an operation on her other eye and a hysterectomy, and the experiences were terrifying. She is still taking medication for post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her anesthesia awareness experience.


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Bakersfield, California: Corporate paedophilia on rise in Australia

Parenting | 13 October 2006, 6:01pm

Sydney - Advertising that exploits children's sexuality for commercial gain is on the rise in Australia as big retailers lend an air of respectability to "corporate paedophilia", researchers said on Tuesday.

An increasing number of businesses found it acceptable to eroticise young models for profit, increasing children's risk from sexual predators and robbing them of their childhood, the Australia Institute think tank said.

Institute director Clive Hamilton said it was particularly worrying that the phenomenon had entered the mainstream and condemned major retail chains for jumping on the bandwagon.

"When family department stores show no conscience on these issues, or are inured to the effects of their behaviour, the situation is very unhealthy," he said.

In a report the independent public policy research centre said children as young as three were being made to pose in sexually suggestive positions.

Presenting pre-pubescent children as sexual objects conveyed the message they were ready for sex, putting youngsters at greater risk from pedophiles who subscribed not only to child pornography websites but also to those dealing with child modelling, the report's author Emma Rush said.

"The idea behind corporate paedophilia is that normal paedophilia is adults exploiting children for their own sexual gratification without the children's consent - children are not able to consent to sex," she said.

"The same thing is happening with corporate paedophilia in that they're sexualising children, again without children's consent."

Youngsters who were prematurely concerned with sexy behaviour and appearance also missed out on some of their childhood, she said.

Potential fallout included being underprepared for emotionally mature relationships later in life, developing eating disorders and starting sexual behaviour from a very early age with damaging medical and emotional results, she said.

Leading department store David Jones denied allegations it depicted young models inappropriately.

"We take great care to ensure that... family values are portrayed in our advertising material," spokesperson Damien Eales said, adding that claims to the contrary were defamatory.


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On some men, butea superba extract has a profound effect after just few dosages. It can kickstart testosterone tone for weeks on end. Users should watch out for signs of testosterone overdrive such as deep heartbeat with the slightest sexual thought.


Aurora, Colorado: Zimbabwe: Age of Consent to Go Up to 18 - Mnangagwa

8 MARCH 2017 - Allafrica

VICE PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says government was in the process of introducing a law that would see the statutory age of consent to sex by girls raised from 16 to 18 years.

He was responding to calls by Senators on Tuesday that the minimum age one could be allowed to consent to sex should be aligned to a 2016 Constitutional Court ruling which outlawed the marriage of or among minors below 18.

While the ruling was followed with euphoric victory among child and women's rights activists, some felt it remained hollow as girls as young as 16 could still indulge in sex and even conceive children for as long as they did not proceed to get married before 18.

"We have a landmark ruling in this country which states that nobody should be married or be married off when they are below the age of 18," Senator representing people with disabilities, Anna Shiri, had said earlier.

She was contributing to a motion which called on the government to ratify and incorporate into its gender laws, the SADC Model Law on Eradicating Child Marriage.

Zimbabwe, currently, is in the process of enacting a law which seeks to operationalise the outlawing of child marriages.

"At the same time we have this Bill," Shiri said, "while we have part of the Act which says there is an age of consent to sex which is 16 years of age.

"As a result, there is some contradiction where early marriage is 18 years yet the consent to sexual activity is 16 years. We need to align these laws."

Mnangagwa, who was speaking as the country's justice minister, said government was considering raising the age of consent to 18.

"I may also say that the other two points you have raised relating to the issue of consent between juveniles or children, anybody who is below 18 is regarded as a child," Mnangagwa said.

"We had a Committee to deal with that and we have arrived at a possible solution which will come to Parliament on the issue of consent between an adult and juvenile or between a juvenile and a juvenile.

"Those issues we have debated and we believe that we should bring up also the age of consent to the age of 18. Of course, this is subject to debate when it comes to Parliament."

Mnangagwa said his ministry was in the process of aligning all the marriage laws and the progressive provisions of the SADC Model law he said will be incorporated in the comprehensive proposed Marriages Bill.

The proposed Bill will be able to amend the Marriages Act and the Customary Marriages Act and all other laws that are outdated in relation to marriages.


Actually, if they can live with the fact that men have a sexuality to cope with, and if they aren't feminists, women, at least some of them, are quite OK.


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Urban Honolulu, Hawaii: Red Light Area of Nepal

A young woman, Priya (name changed), 20 years of age, is in a hurry to get to the office. The sun's rays are spreading everywhere, but because of the black glass there is no way for them to penetrate into her office, where a 25-watt red bulb illuminates a 10 ft-by-8 ft room.

She has told others she is working in a travel agency, but actually she is working in a Cabin Restaurant. Yes, the dark room is the "Cabin" to attract customers. When a customer comes into her office, she asks, "What kind of service do you want from me?"

Sunita (name changed) works in an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), whose objective is to raise awareness of STDs and HIV/AIDS. This girl, who spreads awareness, is herself a sex worker.

Shila (name changed), mother of a one-year-old daughter, lives in Kathmandu. Her husband died six months ago. After his death, she worked in a carpet factory. At the same time, her daughter got sick. So, she started a sex business to pay for her daughter's treatment because her wages from factory work were not enough.

Shila doesn't work in the Cabin Restaurant, but one of her friends, Priya, brings her Cabin Restaurant customers to her (Shila's) rented house, where she has sexual relations with them for the sake of her daughter.

Either working in a Cabin Restaurant or in the background as a prostitute, the attitudes of these three girls are totally different from each other. One thing is consistent ?- they all work as prostitutes, directly or indirectly.

An NGO named New Era has done research about prostitution in Kathmandu, according to which there are more than 5,000 prostitutes, just in the Kathmandu valley alone. Among them, only 12 percent do safe sex with condoms, so it is clear that the rest may be suffering from HIV/AIDS. Most enter this profession at the age of 21.

The profession isn't seen as a formal job but also it has established actually. A business can be opened by calling it a "Restaurant and Bar," but then most of the restaurants add the word "Cabin."

In Kathmandu valley alone, there are about 4,000 Cabin Restaurants and 3,000 Dance Restaurants, which have given employment to 100,000 girls directly (working whole days) or indirectly (part time).

The direct meaning of "Cabin" is that girls are available here, and the total tab can be three times what it is in other local restaurants. As to why this would be, one of the proprietors of a Cabin Restaurant said, "We have to give hafta (a weekly payment) to the police and incentives to the girls."

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all provided for the girls by the restaurant as well as NRs 150 (US$2) for taxi fare. Their wage is no more than NRs 3,000 (US$40.54). Their extra income is from tips and, possibly, a commission of NRs 50 if they take an order for an expensive dish, and the amount from a one-night stand with a customer. They get NRs 500 (US$6.76) to 1000 (US$13.51) for a one-night stand.

According to research by New Era, the regular customers of a Cabin Restaurant are mostly businessmen, professionals, drivers, soldiers, restaurant proprietors, etc. Nowadays, workers returning from Gulf countries are the main patrons of such restaurants.

If they run out of money while there, they're asked to leave their passports and visas, watches, gold chains and rings as collateral, to be returned after settling.

According to the proprietor of a Cabin Restaurant located in Gaushala, more than 50 (age) cross people come in the restaurant only for the special girl they want. Their number will decrease as the leave of their required girl.

New Era reports that the places where prostitutes are easily found are Cabin Restaurants, Dance Restaurants, roadhouses, lodgings, and liquor stores ("Bhatti" in Nepali). Most of these girls are from remote places like Nuwakot, Jhapa, Dhadhing, Sunsari, etc.

On average, the girls involved in sex work are around the age of 16. These girls get 500 to 1000 in general for one-time sex. The professionals, though, get more. They prefer to go to beautiful places like Pokhara, Nagarkot, Chitwan, or Dhulikhel, according to the desire of the customer, either by motorbike or car.

In Cabin Restaurants, the customers are divided up into groups of five per girl, so that one girl has to look after five customers. New Baneshwor, Battisputali, Gaushala, Chabahil, and Gongabu are the districts in Kathmandu where most Cabin Restaurants are to be found.

The Secretary of the Nepal Restaurant Organization, Yogendra Chaulagain, said, "Only a small number of women have complained of not getting paid." It means that most of the girls are satisfied with what they get. Ten years ago, Cabin girls would be raped by the owner of the restaurant. Now, neither owner nor customer does anything without their permission.

Priya said, "No one can even touch us without our permission. But there is the compulsion of sex work for the sake or our stomachs." She also added, "We don't have to worry about the job. If we leave our job in the morning, we can get back to it in the evening."

If the customer wants a call girl, the waitresses are ready to fetch a Cabin girl. Without hesitation, Priya said, "My customers are not only adults but also school agers, who give me NRs 500 for a one-night stand."

In 2002, Maoists campaigned to close these Cabin Restaurants, knowing how the girls were exploited. Far from succeeding, they've been flourishing instead. Someone has said, "I found one Maoist worker inside a Cabin Restaurant. If they themselves are going there, how can they close it?"

Everyone is aware of what happens in these Cabin Restaurants. Former Minister Sarad Singh Bhandari has said that if people have made a tacit agreement about these Cabin Restaurants, then why don't we manage them in an open way?

If the government respects this sex business or declares it a "Red Light Area," everyone involved in it would not have to be cheated socially, economically, or physically.


That armies are mad up of men is something that has to end. Draft women into combat troops. Expose women to the same kind of dangers that men have faced throughout history. Hard labour for female convicts!


In a rich world, a persons value depends on attractiveness and youth. If you are rich and older, just invest in destruction. The poorer the world, the less does your value depend on youth.


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